Thursday, February 3, 2011

Free Arcade games on Xbox 360

If your a gamer and you love free games then you're in luck if you game on the Xbox 360 (which you should). In addition to the plethora of free themes and gamer pictures available there are also free games within the xbox live arcade market. There are currently 4 games that are available free of charge for gold members. The games are as follows: Aegis Wing, Doritos Crash Course, Harms Way, Yaris. All the games are full games with unlock-able achievements up to 200 points. Both crash course and harms way were made by doritos. In the past dorito's made the game Dash of Destruction available for free download on the xbox 360 but since has been delisted so make sure you download these before they are gone. I have really enjoyed every game put out by doritos, especially crash course which is sort of like the TV show wipe out for your xbox 360 avatar. Both games have solo, local, and online multiplayer modes. Aegis Wing is a side-view scrolling shooter, where the player controls a small ship pitted against countless foes. This game also has local and online multiplayer. Lastly, yaris is a racing/shooter game created by Toyota where you must race and survive on 8 different tracks shooting things from flying ipod monsters to toasters. To download the games go to the xbox live arcade marketplace and search for the titles using there alphabet search. It should be noted that if you only have the xbox 360 memory card or a 4gb console these games may take up precious space, but I would say to at least try them out and it you do not enjoy them you can delete them in memory management later.

Gameplay of each game: