Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Road to $1000 Update

As of today I have passed the $150 mark. I've got numerous cologne samples, some free food, coupons, small nutritional samples, and hair and body samples. In the mail is an amazon gift card and SOBE flipflops which will bring me close to $200 by the time they come.

Here's some deals to share with you:

- Write 10 qualifying reviews by 8/31/2010 and receive a $10 amazon gift card:
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- Free autographed celebrity photos
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- Free Sam Club's Day Pass
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Thanks to for all the great finds!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Road to $1000 and free sample of the week.

In case you haven't seen on facebook, I've started a quest to collect $1000 of free stuff. I have no idea how long idea this will take me, but I'm determined that through a combination of coupons, samples, and other deals that I can find $1000 of free stuff. I started last month with the amazon prime deal and have since got a free roast beef sandwich, spaghetti dinner, and small french fries. That is in addition to a new book bag and apple-bees gift card. I'm currently waiting on a free Ohio state miniature fathead and a $25 amazon gift card from my-points, not mention crazy amounts of free samples ranging from nose wipes, underwear, vitamins, and more free food. It wouldn't be fair to my readers if I didn't share some of the savings and freebies that I'm finding, so I'm going to try to post "samples of the week" Most likely these will be included after a blog post or on the side of the page - I'll be sure to post an update on facebook when I've posted new ones. For more free stuff, online deals, and coupons check out or

Freebie of the Week:
Register here and they will send you a coupon for a free bottle of the original Country's Bob's All Purpose Sauce. They say it's great on hamburgers and steak - but since it's all purpose I'm assuming you can use it for anything ;)